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Exhaust quantity(m^3/min): 3~67.5
Power(kw): 15~315
Exhaust quantity(m^3/min): 0.7-23
Power(kw): 15~132
Exhaust quantity(m^3/min): 5.1~33.3
Power(kw): 37~200
Exhaust quantity(m^3/min): 1.8~25.5
Power(kw): 15~132
Exhaust quantity(m^3/min): 7~45
Power(kw): 30~160
Exhaust quantity(m^3/min): 0.15~40
Power(kw): 5.5~250
Exhaust quantity(m^3/min): 0.8~28
Power(kw): 7.5~160
Exhaust quantity(m^3/min): 7.6~60
Power(kw): 55~350
Exhaust quantity(m^3/min): 0.82~3.2
Power(kw): 5.5~22
About Us

   Tianjin JinJing air compressor manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Bohai, Tianjin, an area of twenty thousand square meters, has 165 employees, of which 20% are technical engineers, 30% for sales and service personnel. Jin Jing and continuous development of different exhaust volume and exhaust pressure air compressor production, has a good reputation of the user, and China Quality Inspection Association awarded the quality and stability of qualified products, the enterprise through the ISO9001 international quality system certification, and in 2006 was Tianjin Quality Association user committee awarded the "user satisfaction Enterprise", in June of the following year by China product quality complaint handling network as "national quality service customer satisfaction Enterprise".

   Our company has strong technical force, complete detection means, scientific and strict management, the main products of our company include: KD series twin screw type air compressor (1 ~ 80m^3/min), KD series double compression screw type air compressor (2.2 ~ 67.5m^3/min), VW series of small mobile piston air compressor (0.3 ~ 6m^3/min), large and medium mobile (fixed) piston air compressor (3 ~ 20m^3/min), small oil free air compressor (0.17 ~ 6m^3/min), etc..

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